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What we do

We are specialised in (private) labels and brands in three ranges:

Fertilizers, soil improvers, grass seeds, limes and ecological pesticides

Flower pots and planters

Greenhouses and accessories 

Our services

We cover all segments - budget, standard and pro - with

Private label fulfilment

Ready made labels and brands

Who we are

Partners in private label fulfilment and marketing of garden products

We are Seasons, a specialised and dedicated company with over 30 years experience in private label fulfilment for the garden retail sector. With an own packaging facility for fertilizers, grass seeds, limes and ecological pesticides in The Netherlands and sourcing offices in China and Vietnam we truly are a global and competitive partner for DIY, garden retailers, discounters and A-brands. We not only deliver quality products - ranging from budget through standard to pro - at competitive prices; we also add value in marketing and product/ packaging design. With our 'cure and care' approach we partner up with you to find the solution best suited for your challenge. As an independent specialist in private label fulfiment we do this for a wide range of well known (retail) brands in a variety of countries and market segments.

Why choose Seasons?


More than 30 years of experience in the production and packaging of all sorts of both organic and mineral fertilizers, limes, grass seeds, plant protection and garden products.


Wide knowledge in packaging materials and packaging solutions. Capable of manufacturing boxes, bags, plastic pots, standup pouches etcetera. All fertilizers are packed at our own facility in Yde, The Netherlands.


Seasons is located on a premises of 45.000 m2 which feature both production- and storage facilities. This means we are highly flexible in production and capable of quickly meeting changing demands.


Seasons is a partner rooted deeply in Seasonal retail and are specialised in private label fulfilment for DIY, garden retailers, discounters and A-brands, guaranteeing clients a full service level agreement.  

Interest or inquiry? contact us today

+31 (0)50 406 58 11

Who we work for

Think global, act local

Seasons Products has been a solid partner for many well known, leading garden retail and DIY chains and brands over the last 30 years, ranging from discounters to A-brands. With our 'cure and care' approach we add value to them and to their customers. Also we work closely with distributors world wide for the distribution of several brands in various market segments, making Seasons Products truly a global partner in garden retail. 

Where we are

45.000 m2 of production facilities, offices and storage.

Seasons is based in The Netherlands and located on a premises of 45.000 m2 which feature office, production and storage facilities (the former BTP site). We are situated just south of the city Groningen and near the local airport, 

Seasons Products

We relief you

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